Mission Statement

ADHRT Mission

ADmission Human Resource Consultation and Training (ADHRT) team would like to welcome you to this 2016 company profile - A brand new name in providing Human Resource solutions & Training in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

In the last two decades, up to present, the Human Capital shows that it is and indeed the important element in our organisations. ADHRT today help provides both governmental and non governmental bodies with the right consultants, trainers and tools to better growth opportunities and create impact in the HR arena.

ADHRT proudly has Motivational, Innovative and Inspirational significant Consultants & Trainers in the HR field along with key world Speakers who are self-driven in the direction of creating solutions and successoriented to solve issues are our thresholds to the gulf unique and international open culture.

In addition to these our consultants & Trainers have created a business delivery model to address the needs of organisations working in the UAE mainly and the GCC arena as well. ADHRT services, HR, Training and business solutions who search for matchless benefits to make more efficient of their operating procedures and manpower.

ADHRT believes that nothing can be accurate but with continuous measuring of its performance. ADHRT aims to play an active role in the design and implementation of a fair Human Resources performance management system to lead the organisations towards better overall results. Furthermore, to what have been mentioned earlier we accept as true and understand that the new levels of accomplishment and success in highly competitive 21st century global environment which all can't be done without a clear performance management systems and training plans.

In your nonstop seeking for experimental learning and knowledge adventure, ADHRT consultants hope that you will completely gain a great deal and benefit from the opportunities and resources made available to you at this profile. ADHRT wishes you again every success and enjoyment in your journey of consultation.

Our Mission Statement

To be and remain the reference and developer in the provision of training and consultation services in the MENA, with the implementation of human resources policies for UAE local government 2030

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